Turn your crappy day into a happy day!

So you know how they say that having a kid changes your life? Of course it does! It’d be weird if it didn’t, right? But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to look like this:


I think that regardless of the sacrifices you and your body make, it changes it for better. Helps you grow, discover your new superpowers, your strengths, and most importantly it lets you experience the true unconditional love that you would’ve never imagined before.


Ok so week by week and month by month you learn new things, you test your strengths, you learn how to juggle more things at the time, you’re good! Although sometimes you have doubts whether you’re doing it right, you feel satisfied, confident, and proud as a mom. Yeah, there are moments of frustration because you see yourself cleaning up the living room for the 100th time in one afternoon, picking up the same toys and repeating NO to your child as he or she goes through the garbage, tries to grab cat’s poop out of the litter box, or plunges for cat’s food while stepping (intentionally) in its water bowl. Often you are able to take a step back and realize that it’s ok to not have your laundry done or dinner cooked or the kitchen cleaned… you just chill and play with your kid with a big smile on your face. The baby is happy and grateful and it makes you feel wonderful to have some play-time with your child and you just say “screw it” to everything on the TO DO list for today! The world is not going to end just because your house is a mess. Moments with your munchkin flee so easily. You’ll just finish the list later… taking an hour or two out of your sleep-time is not such a big deal.

It’d be great to have those positive, happy days everyday! Sometimes you just wake up and you feel in love with your life or maybe you need to push yourself a little bit to get in that set of mind. I agree that you should have some affirmation phrases that you repeat every morning, a song, a smell, a prayer, anything that will put you in the good mood from the beginning. But what if all these little cues just aren’t enough? Your hormones are through the roof, it’s rainy and grey outside, you’ve had a hell of a night tossing and turning and not being able to sleep, and when you finally fall asleep, your kid wakes you up running a fever because he’s teething and once you take care of the teething pain it doesn’t look like he’s sleepy anymore and wants to PLAY! (which in my scenario consists of him climbing on top of you, discovering what’s under your eyelids, in your nose, prying your mouth open to scratch your gums and teeth, oh and don’t forget about pulling on your moles and birthmarks…or is it just my kid?) Of course at this point you forget about your aches and pains and you give your 100% to your baby but the day that follows just keeps on getting longer and longer and doesn’t seem to end.

So what can you do to fix those days or better yet, how to avoid them.  It would be awesome if we could just say STOP IT and start over, right? This guy seems to have it all figured out but let’s be serious… Here are some simple tips that work for me and I want to challenge you and myself to do them EVERY DAY. So this post is the beginning of my happy-day challenge! Who’s with me?


Let’s get started. See if it works for you too on the next page.

Remember, Life is too short and too beautiful to waste it moping around, look at it from a different angle and you’ll want to enjoy and be happy every second of it. Who knows how much time we have left?


2 thoughts on “Turn your crappy day into a happy day!

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